STM32 firmwares backup

Last update: 20.02.2020

This is a firmware backup of files linked from SW4STM32's stm32targets.xml file in which broken links are causing "Error code = ERROR_FILESYSTEM_ACCESS_ISSUE" in the System workbench when creating new project while a particular firmware is not available and needs to be downloaded. The files below are the remaining ones that could be obtained from the servers and links given in the XML file.

Workaround for this problem is described on the openstm32 forum in this thread.

Alternatively, you can download these files from here and place them into ~/.ac6/ folder where they shall get unzipped during the installation process.

This site shall serve as a (teporary?) backup for people using SPL and SW4STM32. If your project is based on LL or HAL you can happily use the STM32CubeIDE .. or another ones. SPL seems not to be supported by other IDEs than SW4STM32.

SPL - Standard Peripheral Libraries

Some of these files have beed downloaded manually from

Discovery boards

Eval boards

Other firmwares